Forthcoming event hello. from at Creative Industries Center “Pakrantė” cordially invites you to their products presentation. Everyone is welcome to visit and say hello to products during the open hours at Creative Industries Center “Pakrantė“ (Vaidilutės g. 79, Vilnius) on Thursday, September 28th, 2017 | from 10 a.m. till 6 p.m.

After the open hours the event hello. from will be held on, where Lithuanian as well as Scandinavian designers will introduce their cooperation results with team. The event will also take place at the Creative Industies Center (Vaidilutės g. 79, Vilnius) on Thursday, September 28th, 2017 at 7 p.m. sharp.

Hello. from event‘s guests of honour would be Iskos-Berlin (Denmark), Mattias Stenberg (Sweden), Studio HEIMA (Lithuania), OKIIKO studio (Lithuania), Karolis Strautniekas (Lithuania) and Gintaras Antanas Kubilius (Lithuania).

Iskos-Berlin Design  is a partnership of Boris Berlin and Aleksej Iskos.The company operates within the fields of industrial, furniture and graphic design and was only established in late 2010, though Boris and Aleksej have been working together for a number of years. In 1987, Boris co-founded Komplot Design, where Aleksej was employed as an assistant for more than 11 years. Accordingly, this lengthy and successful cooperation has allowed them to develop a shared philosophy of design.

Mattias Stenberg Architecture + Design is a mixed creative practice situated in Stockholm, Sweden. Projects focus on contemporary residential architechture, furniture, lighting and everyday object design. Since the start of the practice in 2010 Mattias Stenberg has received several national and international awards and mentions for his designs.

Studio HEIMA  – group of architects workinging within the fields of architecture, interior and design. They believe that design is about demonstrating how beautiful something can be, and always base their work on high standards of collaboration, process and product, where knowledge and innovation are basic resources.

OKIIKO studio is a duo since 2008. Graphic designer Laura Tulaite {Oki} & architect Eivaras Rastauskas {Iko}. They seek Simplicity with Character, where the shape, color, composition, structure and typology take the centre stage. They declare their love for abstract art, architecture, sculpture & nature. As they say: “It’s always about City culture vs Nature“.

Karolis Strautniekas is a freelance illustrator, working and living in Vilnius, Lithuania. He finished the studies at the Fine Arts Academy in Vilnius (2011), and then began working in creative industries such as advertisement, animation and graphic design. In 2013, he began focusing on illustration and started his career as a freelance illustrator.

Gintaras Antanas Kubilius has graduated in architecture and urban design from Vilnius Art Academy in 2012. He is a practising architect and freelance product designer ever since. His designs are lucid and light, creating an appearance of effortlessness, they exhibit a harmonious balance between functionality and aesthetics.

The Minister of Culture Liana Ruokytė-Jonsson will honour the Event with her presence.