design products presentation and BaBa easy-chair’s premiere at the event hello. from


The contemporary design event – hello. from jotjot – took place on September 28th, 2017. The design furniture brand – – presented its product range, which consists of modern design interior items and furniture. The event was also dedicated to the premiere of  easy-chair by Iskos-Berlin. Many well known designers and architects gathered there in order to see, to touch, to feel and to enjoy the quality and aesthetic furniture and interior pieces.

Watch the video to get a glimpse of the event hello. from

BaBa easy-chair (by Iskos-Berlin) is an organic soft-formed “furniture pet” that invites you to cuddle up to it, sit on it or sink into its warm embrace. Easily adjustable density, flexibility and hardness of moulded foam guarantees the greatest sitting comfort. Whereas the highest level of durability helps to maintain the original shape and quality. Specially designed extremely stretchy knitted 3D fabric is used for BaBa’s skin, which offers a high degree of sculptural latitude in the design. Slim, graceful and elegant steel legs bring distinction to the uniquely formed soft roundness of the body.

Mudu mirror (by Studio Heima) – the charm of Mudu mirror depends on its graceful appearance despite the quite immense dimensions. Sophistication through simplicity is the main and most appreciated feature of Mudu free-standing mirror, which enhances the overall impression of every possible interior. Mudu full length mirror‘s two distinct parts – Corian back shell and steel frame painted in white – meet in an elegant wooden details, which create impression of one piece resting on the other.

Dedu coffee table (by Studio Heima) – as the representatives of Mudu family, this coffee table has loads of elegance and delicacy. No matter how one prefers them – singled out or combined – they still make an unforgettable impression through impeccable and effortlessly graceful appearance. The table top is made out of high-grade MDF, which was processed by using the CNC milling machine. The slender and straight-lined steel table legs are accentuated by wooden details, which strengthen the sense of harmony.

Circle of Light pendant lamp (by Jurgis Garmus) – the charisma of the lamp lies in its celestial silhouette and colossal dimensions. It perfectly complements commercial as well as residential venues. Light beam projected down to the plate bounces upwards and reflects from the cupola achieving uniform light dispersion and indirect illumination of settings. The sphere is made out of fiberglass and has a gelcoat surface, the light source is LED. The lamp is also characterized by clean hanging system: wire is covered within a thin tube.

YAY stool, barstool, coffee table and side table set (by Gintaras Antanas Kubilius) – YAY product family reflects the minimalist design, therefore it is easily adjusted in every possible interior, from a regular living room to an elegant office or even Contemporary Art Museum. YAY family products are sure to please the most exclusive taste on their own or matched together. Thanks to the latest manufacturing technologies, these playful interior items are CNC machine made of solid birch wood, therefore they represent innovative generation of furniture. All the colors are semi-matte. The foot rail of YAY barstool is made of steel in black matte.

Piano Album Cover rug (by Karolis Strautniekas) – is pure wool tufted rug, which could be used, according to ones desire and mood, as an area rug or wall-to-wall carpet. Statement-making design will not leave anyone indifferent. The vivid, lush and dominating color of rust orange is soothed by an earthy coloured center element in charcoal. The pile height allows this rug to be both comfortable to stand or lie down on and easy to clean and maintain.

Six Seasons, Harlequin and Psycho Analysis rugs (by OkiikO Studio) – 100% pure wool tufted area rugs as well as wall-to-wall carpets, reflect the quality in every way. Increased attention is given to the design, materials, colors and finishing details. Each carpet’s design and shape differ, but all of them are equally unique, extraordinary and vivacious. The main characteristics, which the creators give to their designed rugs are as follows: “Psycho analysis – deep psychoanalysis with art under your feet. Playful steps to go further; Harlequin – a graphic acrobat to entertain your home; Six Seasons – extended moments at home.”.