Mudu mirror is a finalist at NYCxDESIGN Awards 2017

NYCxDESIGN is a citywide celebration of design that takes place each May and is hosted in New York City. Interior Design and ICFF created The NYCxDESIGN Awards to honor the outstanding product exhibited throughout NYCxDESIGN.

The submissions were reviewed by a panel of 30 design luminaries, who selected the finalists. The reason, why we are so proud and excited about, is that one of the finalists in this year’s NYCxDESIGN Awards is’s Mudu mirror designed by Studio Heima.

Studio Heima is a group of architects operating within the fields of architecture, interior and urban design, and with their architectural approach they have created an interior sculpture – Mudu mirror.

Mudu mirror’s unusual shape is designed to be “observed from all sides”, with its otherwise “neutral” appearance aimed at fitting into all kinds of interiors, whether classic homes or industrial lofts. The freestanding piece is intended to combat ideas of the mirror as “just a flat object on the wall”. Seen from the front, Mudu appears like a common oval-shaped mirror, but the side view reveals its tapered back – which is made from Corian. Wooden pegs set in the side of the mirror’s shell allow it to rest atop a painted steel framework, which also has wooden accents at the base of its legs. The design concept is based on contrast. Solid volume against light wireframe, simplicity of shape against attention to details, curved shell against straight lines.

“We hope someday Beyonce will take a selfie in this mirror,” declares Studio Heima. “Or at least Kanye.”

Computer numerically controlled (CNC) technology was used to produce a mould for the mirror’s conical shell. Corian was then heated till flexible, and placed into the conical mould with a vacuum press.

To view the full version of Dezeen|architecture and design magazine’s publication, click here.

All the named aspects got together for Mudu mirror to be announced as a finalist in NYCxDESIGN Awards.

Winner and Honorees will be recognized live in a ceremony at MoMA, published in Interior Design magazine, and promoted on Interior Design’s digital channels.