and Versus are joining their best qualities and Versus are merging their strongest features in order to reach a bigger impact on the market.

The energy, drive and youthfulness of still fresh company – is supplemented by experience, maturity and proficiancy of already established and well-known company Versus, accordingly the combination of these two forces with different but complimenting traits is positively interacting as well as strengthening the position in the eternally recommencing design world.

All Versus trademark’s products are stylishly enlarging product collection and bringing their prominently valuable flavor and vibe. is a venture of professionals who founded the company with a clear desire to rally the outstanding and the ingenious – ideas and designers. And the result of his endeavor is precisely just that. Circulation of quality interior items for the contemporary design solutions.

Versus is a design company based in Denmark, a country world famous for its clean uncompromising aesthetics in both architecture and furniture design. Versus is strongly rooted in traditional construction techniques and craftsmanship, yet its exclusive style has evolved into a niche of its own, interpreting previous design aesthetics and renewing them to fit a modern life style. The goal is to make contemporary furniture with a strong identity.

The founders and owners of Versus are Henrik Lerche and Peter Barreth, where Henrik is the brain of the company and has been responsible for sales, purchase and a MD, he also is the owner of a large upholstery production in Denmark, whereas Peter is the genius of furniture upholstery and self made designer. Peter, being a third generation upholsterer, has followed in his father‘s footsteps, who is also a talented furniture upholsterer, and gained invaluable knowledge and skills directly from him as well as aquired education in this sphere. This continuation of the family tradition is an invincible strength of Versus.