releases brand new Product Catalogue 2018 presents its brand new online Product Catalogue 2018, which features five categories of products: tables, lighting, seaters, accessories and storage.

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  • In the Tables category, there are five tables introduced:

Dedu coffee table (by HEIMA architects) – refined, neat, slender, elegant, soft, modern, easy, fresh, beautiful and cool, designed to hold both your glass and class.

YAY coffee table (by Gintaras Antanas Kubilius) – solid and durable oak wood, ingeniously collected details, easily recognizable and strongly pronounced identity.

Euclid dining table (by Gintaras Antanas Kubilius) is an embodiment of minimalism, a tribute to the philosophy of geometry, where dominates three basic shapes: square, circle and triangle.

Black Mamba dining table (by Juozas Songaila) is a living proof that the colossal size and delicacy are effortlessly compatible. It appears subdued if singled out, but just wait for the muscular performance when Black Mamba finds itself in the interior.

Grand Mesa desk (by Juozas Songaila) offers a workspace that is easy on the eyes due to its clean and confusion-free form. All for your improved productivity and creativeness.

  • In the category of Lighting, the pendant lamp – Circle of Light – is there for your evaluation.

Circle of Light pendant lamp (by Jurgis Garmus) creates daring statement if hung alone and blends in perfectly if contextualized.

  • The Seaters category offers five items:

YAY stool (by Gintaras Antanas Kubilius) provides durability, style and cheer – the traits everyone craves for.

YAY barstool (by Gintaras Antanas Kubilius) – the wholeness consisting of soft lines creates harmonious and cohesive central space as well as interior accent, which tends to spread vitality and joy.

BaBa easy-chair (by ISKOS-BERLIN) is an organic soft-formed “furniture pet” that invites you to cuddle up to it, sit on it or sink into its warm embrace.

BaBaBa 2 seater sofa (by ISKOS-BERLIN) offers you the space and place for your mind and behind.

BaBaBa 3 seater sofa (by ISKOS-BERLIN) – the shape that follows your body, the fabric that invites you to feel it. Gracefully sculpted BaBaBa is undeniably in a class of its own.

  • Also, the Accessories category suggests quite a wide range of interior elements:

Frame coat rack (by Mattias Stenberg) is a strong graphic feature in any environment, but at the same time transparent enough to make a light and airy impression.

Harlequin rug (by OKIIKO studio) – a graphic acrobat, which adds brightness, charm and amusement to your soul and home and is made out of pure wool.

Six Seasons rug (by OKIIKO studio) – extended outdoor moments at home, this wool area rug as well as wall-to-wall carpet is both for private and public interiors.

Psychoanalysis rug (by OKIIKO studio) – unique, extraordinary, expressive and made out of wool. All of that in one rug. Psychoanalysis rug.

Piano album cover rug (by Karolis Strautniekas) – statement-making design will not leave anyone indifferent. The pile height allows this wool rug to be both comfortable to stand or lie down on and easy to clean and maintain.

Mudu mirror (by HEIMA architects) – it’s about two of us – Me and my Reflection. The conical silhouette changes with a different viewing angle, whereas the wooden details are repeated on the base as well as on the frame legs.

  • Last but not least, the category Storage, which contains – Oba storage units (by HEIMA architects) – the perfect home for the things you love.

Moreover, the Product Catalogue introduces the reader to all designers, who are undeniably talented, unconventionally thinking and creative individuals, who make a memorable contribution to the world’s visual perspective.