Juozas Songaila

Late ’80s witnessed Guns N’ Roses entering the stage and Juozas embarking on the road of creativity. Designer spent his rocky adolescent years attending art gymnasium and further matured as a professional in the technical school of applied arts. Education in visual arts has lead to exciting encounters with sculpture and appreciation of the plasticity the latter could offer. “Moulding matter into form – the indefinite into definite”. Juozas recalls that his transition to applied arts, and ultimately furniture design, was somewhat natural and inevitable.

Since graduating and spending some time in furniture restoration field he has been continuously immersed in furniture design. His signature item – Linear Chair – has received Lithuanian chair design award and has been featured on the interior magazine “Centras” cover in 2002. Frequent participant of furniture exhibitions Juozas continues to display a lasting relationship with wood and an unrelenting passion for chairs.