Product Designer

Studio H E I M A – group of architects operating within the fields of architecture, interior and design. They gained their knowledge whilst studying and working in various architecture schools and studios in Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Netherlands and Lithuania.

Povilas Žakauskas, Kristijonas Skirmantas, Povilas Daugis and Tomas Vaičiulis have discovered that they share a penchant for simple, positive and functional objects. Studio is driven by an open, curious and trust-based process where everyone contributes with their own unique perspective in a holistic approach.

The quartet is a fairly rare sight in an industry that is often driven by individualists, but the four designers have managed to turn that challenge to their advantage, tending to the fact that four creative brains come up with brighter, stronger and more impressive ideas than one.

HEIMA believe that design is about demonstrating how beautiful something can be, and always base their work on high standards of collaboration, process and product, where knowledge and innovation are basic resources.