Product Designer

“Creativity is something oxymoronic – intangible yet imminent. Your idea ruptures in a sketch, and matures to achieve its final contours after hundreds of drawings. Ultimate form it assumes is unanticipated, yet present since the inception”.

Gintaras has graduated in architecture and urban design from Vilnius Art Academy in 2012. He is a practicing architect and freelance product designer ever since. As a true representative of Generation Y, Gintaras seeks intellectual stimulation from versatile fields ranging from religion to fashion to deep electronic music. Continuously immersed in architecture he finds design of interior items challenging and engaging: “Product design is so different from architecture. It is an art form produced en masse. One does not concentrate on conceiving a singular expression of art. You have to imagine your creations existing in multitude”.

As a professional he strives to design objects that are lucid and light, creating an appearance of effortlessness. Consequently, his pieces exhibit a harmonious balance between functionality and aesthetics.