Product Designer

Officially Dominykas has been an artist since he graduated from Vilnius Academy of Arts, in Kaunas, but in fact he has been creating since much earlier. Even in his childhood he was drawing and portraying everything from churches to devils, later on he was an illegal street artist. Nowadays, Dominykas is a graphic artist, who is mixing various techniques in his work, mostly he constructs sculptural, volumetric compositions. Visual brain teasers filled with humour and unexpected situations manoeuvre between recognizable forms and abstract details, in that way he leaves the opportunity for the viewer to create his own interpretations. He actively plays with various geometric shapes, spots, decorative elements and sizes, while creating organic wholeness. His works stand out for their freshness and portrayal of dynamic and peculiar reality, also they fascinate the viewer with details’ accuracy, extremely aesthetic presentation, precise form completeness and the persuasion of created worldview.

The artist himself describes his works as: #shapescruising  #magicsaw #sorrytrees  #urbangardening #lovefountains #landscape #fireandjazz #shamanism #funfair #doublefaced #lego #travelwithgoogle